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Austin Sheridan has been dedicated to the American firearms industry since he began working at Lyman Products in 1972. As he learned the proud history and traditions of firearms in America from business owners and customers, the dreams he had of the American West as a small boy growing up in Ireland came to life.  He has promoted and protected the industry, its community, and its products ever since.

Through his career, Austin Sheridan was Vice President of domestic and international sales for Lyman Products, Director of domestic and OEM sales for Shrade Cutlery/Camillus Knives, and Director of the lead shot and OEM division of National Lead/NL Industries. These positions gave Austin knowledge of domestic and international markets and introduced him to a trusted network of distributors around the world.

In 1990 Austin and Phyllis Sheridan formed Austin Sheridan USA, Inc., a company dedicated to international sales and marketing for US firearms and ammunition manufacturers. At this time, the value of the global market was unrecognized, and Austin Sheridan USA was one of the first sales representative groups to see the potential in the export market.

To build awareness and cooperation between US manufacturers and established international distributors, Austin created sales and marketing programs that broke through the financial and communication barriers of the time. To complete the sales, Austin formed a second company, Caliber Inc., to provide licensing and logistics services, opening the door for international commerce. In 1991 Austin Sheridan USA was one of the founders of the Bianchi Cup International, an event that continues to offer competition and camaraderie to shooters from many countries.

Austin Sheridan USA is one of the original members of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the organizers of SHOT Show, and Austin has attended SHOT Show since 1976. In a unique business model, Austin Sheridan USA is the only sales representative agency to present a full exhibit at trade shows. The company has had exhibitions every year at SHOT Show since 1990 and at IWA in Germany since 1989.

Austin Sheridan USA has been a member of NASGW since 1990. Austin is a member of the National Rifle Association.

Austin is proud to hold both US and European Community citizenship. He lived and was educated in Ireland until his pre-teens, when his family moved to the USA. He and Phyllis lived in Italy for three years in early 2000. His US education includes a bachelor degree from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.


In 1990, when Austin and Phyllis Sheridan incorporated the international sales and marketing company Austin Sheridan USA, Austin did the travelling and Phyllis managed the office administration and imports. Variations of that formula have worked successfully to the present day. Through her years in the business, Phyllis has served as financial manager, sales and marketing agent, trade show coordinator and licensing officer of the ITAR logistics company Caliber Inc.

In 1994 Phyllis applied what she had learned about starting a business to a new venture. With three other area residents she started the Town Times, a local ad-based newspaper for the communities of Durham and Middlefield, Connecticut. She was an editor, writer, photographer, business manager and advertising manager during her eight years at the paper.

In 2002, after the Town Times was sold to Record Journal Publications, Austin and Phyllis moved to Italy for three years to work more closely with their international clients. In 2006 the office was moved to its present location in Middletown, Connecticut.

Currently, Phyllis provides administrative support to Austin Sheridan USA and will continue as trade show coordinator for SHOT Show and IWA exhibitions.