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National Shooting Sport Foundation Code of Honor:

I live in a country that guarantees the individual right to own and use firearms under the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.

I vote for the political candidates who share my passion for firearms and the shooting sports and will protect my Second Amendment Rights.

I am one of the 100 million firearms owners in the U.S.

I am one of the 35 million target shooters and hunters.

I am supported. Target shooting and hunting are supported by 8 of 10 Americans.

I store my firearms securely when not in use to keep guns out of the wrong hands.

I am part of the Great American Tradition embracing firearms ownership, hunting, and target shooting.

I have the right to protect myself, my family and my home with a firearm, if necessary.

I will introduce someone to the shooting sports this year.

I respect those who have their reasons for not owning firearms, but insist that they respect my reasons for owning them.

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