Sales, Marketing, & Promotions

Because of his experience in the firearms industry, Austin Sheridan brings strong working relationships and in-depth product knowledge to his clients. Repeated sales calls to the global distributors in a network around the world has given Austin a deep understanding of the international market globally and also specific insight into markets country by country. This combined expertise offers clients the unique opportunity to develop and implement strategic marketing /sales plans that create a bridge between manufacturer and distributor. By considering location, hunting/recreation style, culture and product requirements, Austin Sheridan USA creates and implements programs through which manufacturers consistently sell more product and distributors enjoy a higher margin of profit.


Export/Import Compliance

AS*USA advises clients on compliance with ITAR regulations for authorized exports as enforced by the US Department of State DDTC and the Department of Commerce. Guidance is also provided on import regulations issued by the Ministry of Interior for the receiving country.


Proofing of all imported ammunition and firearms is required for safety and quality, under CIP regulations. Primary proof houses that provide certified testing services efficiently and economically are located in Munich, Suhl, and Brussels.

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