Austin Sheridan Consulting, LLC

Austin Sheridan offers more than 45 years of experience in the firearms and munitions industry, with a special focus on the international distribution of commercial hunting, law enforcement/tactical/military, and Original Equipment Manufacturers products. Our expertise covers multiple sectors of the industry – importers, dealers, chain stores, mail order firms and OEM groups.

Austin Sheridan Consulting LLC is compliant with DOC Snap R export license, BATF Importer and FFL license, does not exhibit in any more industry exhibitions.

Consulting Expertise:

Client Assessment

  • Vet international customer base (by country)
  • Develop international customer profile(s)
  • Match industry manufacturers and branding profiles
  • Apply customer model(s) to future opportunities

Export Business Planning

  • Create client- and/or product-specific programs covering production, logistics, marketing, and sales
  • Develop strategic pricing initiatives for market introduction and penetration
  • Develop marketing goals to sustain brand and distribution objectives
  • Install a marketing plan for consistent and sustainable growth

Licensing, Logistics, and Government Relations

  • Warehouse and Proof House networks, import/export certifications
  • Tax strategies – excise, duty, VAT
  • Exchange rate and currency strategies
  • Shipping, packaging, and labeling guidance
  • Navigation of State Department, Commerce Department and BATF bureaucracies

Key Industry Memberships, Exhibitions and Shows

  • Selection and introductions for industry trade associations
  • Coordination of show and exhibition participation (SHOT, IWA, NASGW)
  • Assessment of sales representative opportunities and strategies

Areas of coverage and region-specific data

  • US and Canada
  • Pacific Rim
  • Central and Southern Africa
  • Europe, Eastern Russia, and Caucasus
  • Land use, hunting participation, and firearms ownership demographics
  • Firearms and hunting regulations

Austin Sheridan


  • Black Hills Ammuntion
  • RUAG Ammotec GmbH
  • Hodgdon Powders
  • Springfield Armory
  • SinterFire
  • Taurus International
  • PMC
  • Grovtec USA
  • Nosler Bullets
  • Weatherby
  • Warne Mounts

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